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The International University Institute for European Studies (IUIES) was founded in 2000 and is an international university consortium.
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In its mission statement, the Consortium aims to carry out scientific studies and researches and to encourage the international academic co-operation and forms professionals and scholars in some of the most significant fields of the New Europe.

The Consortium organises every academic year three postgraduate programmes:

    "PhD Trans-border Policies for the Daily Life" (180 credits)
    "Ma Communication Methods in European Policy making" (120 credits)
    "Ma International Peace Operators" (120 credits)

offering a variety of courses led by international Professors, scholars and experts from various European Union DGs and international NGOs. 

Message from the President

A website may be changed for a number of reasons. One of the most obvious is a change of President, in which case the site is to be given a new look in keeping with his or her personal taste. Another is the need to include the technological developments that have accumulated since the site was first set up.

There is another reason, similar to the above, connected to the initial structure given to the site. It is that the organisation reflected in the website has acquired additional functions.

The IUIES began life as an advanced (fourth level) learning institution conferring Master’s Degrees and PhDs, concentrating on the training of elites from all over the world, particularly from the Europe of the new countries which have entered (or aspire to enter) the European Union.

After thirteen years of life and work, the IUIES has also proved itself as a producer of original cultural and academic knowledge through the studies, research and theses produced by the elites being trained and by their relations with the scholars who have taught them and followed the academic pathways deriving from their work.

The website thus had to reflect this development of knowledge, and above all had to make it available to those wishing to enrich their awareness of the social and environmental phenomena concerning Europe, its external relations and its future. Highlighting this contribution to knowledge, and setting it alongside the training work from which it emerges, is the bounden duty of a site which should be operational by its didactic nature and at the same time a place for the development of fresh knowledge produced by the intelligence and creativity of the teachers and students at the IUIES.

In addition, we make this new knowledge freely available to our visitors and surfers in our time and our space.

Welcome to all, and a special welcome to those who wish to make a further contribution to academic and cultural knowledge, to build a world better suited to, and a world more humane for, people who think and work in Europe and elsewhere.


The President

Prof. Alberto Gasparini